How To Lookup For WoodForest Bank Routing Number

Wood forest Bank is established in 1980 with a greater vision of offering both consumer and small business financial solutions comprising of its own products and services. It is unique because it is privately owned and the largest shareholders are the employees with ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). It is trusted by Fortune 500 companies. Walmart is the largest retail partner using Wood Forest Bank services. Wood forest Bank received the Top statewide best community award recognized by IBAT (International Bankers Association of Texas).


Today we are going to discuss the fastest and cheapest mode of wire transfers for Wood forest bank using the Routing number.

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Routing Transit Number (RTN) system is developed by the American Bankers Association in 1910 for direct transfer of funds. Wood forest Bank has different routing numbers serving different states and purposes.

What is Wood Forest Bank Routing Number?

RegionRouting Number
Texas 044115809
Alabama 314972853
Illinois 081226829
Indiana 081226829
Kentucky 314972853
Louisiana 314972853
Mississippi 314972853
North Carolina 053112592
Pennsylvania 044115809
Virginia 053112592
Maryland 053112592

113008465 is WoodForest Bank routing number for Texas whereas 314972853 is the routing number for Wood Forest Bank in New York. There are no similarities between any routing number because every digit in the number serves a specific purpose. The First 4 Digits are used by Federal Reserve Bank to transfer funds directly and next 4 digits represent the operational state of Wood forest bank.


Wood forest Banks routing numbers are used for multiple purposes such as Direct Deposits, Automatic bill payments, Check processing and wire transfers. For knowing your particular bank routing number I’d suggest you visit Wood forest bank official website or reach their branches between 9:30 to 4:30 on weekdays.

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