Where To Find USAA Federal Bank Routing Number

USAA Federal Bank Routing Number : Today we are going to discuss how to find the routing number of USAA Federal bank. It’s a nine-digit number used to identify the financial institution in transaction.

usaa federal bank routing number

What is USAA Federal Bank ?

USAA Federal Bank is a San Antonio based financial and insurance business which serves majorly USA Air force, Army, Coastguards, Marines and Military personnel. The seed of USAA started when 25 Military officials gathered at San Antonio in 1922 to have their vehicle insurance and unable to find one, then they started an organization and named it as United States Automobiles Association Federal bank and presently it has 8 Offices in USA and 2 Offices globally.

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What is Routing Number?

Bank Routing Numbers are used for multiple reasons such as reorder checks,  setting up direct deposits in another account and if you want to pay bills automatically, routing numbers of USAA plays a pivotal role. The advantage of having routing number is once the transaction is done it cannot be reversed under any circumstances adding a layer of transparency to the deal.

USAA Bank Routing Number

RegionRouting Number
Las Vegas 122487129
San Antonio 314074269
San Antonio 114094041

How To Find USAA Routing Number on Check

usaa bank routing number

The easiest way to find routing number is to search it in its USAA Official Website . If not take your chequebook, at the bottom left side you can find a nine-digit code beside your account number.  Now USAA routing number is 314074269. We also call it as USAA ABB Number.

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