How To Find TD Bank Routing Number

TD Bank Routing Number: Today we are going to discuss about TD Bank and why its considered as one of the best banks of United States.

What is TD Bank?

TD Bank is also known as Toronto Dominion Bank formed as a result of Bank of Toronto and The Dominion Bank merger. TD Bank carries a rich legacy of 164 years and it is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Though it is a Canadian Bank, TD Bank is known as America’s most convenient company for its services such as Online Banking, Student Banking, Cross Border Banking and have its products in Insurance, Mortgage and Credit Cards.


TD Bank Routing Number – How can one Find it?

TD Bank Routing Number: In 1910 the American Bankers Association has created a system of Routing Numbers for convenient Banking. It’s a 9 Digit number used by Federal Reserve Bank to verify the account holders transactional Bank. Routing numbers are also called RTN Number or ABA Numbers.

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TD Bank Routing numbers are given based upon where you originally opened your banking account. If you opened your account in Florida, then you will have TD Bank Routing number Florida which is 67014822.

RegionRouting Number
Maine 211274450
Metro DC/Maryland/Virginia
New Jersey/Delaware
New York – Upstate NY or former Bank north customers
Florida 67014822
Massachusetts/Rhode Island
New Hampshire
North Carolina/South Carolina

Find TD Bank Routing Number on Check

Another easiest way to know TD Bank Routing number is to see your check. On the left bottom side, you will find a 9-digit code which is your bank routing number.


If you want to know TD Bank Routing number over a call, simply dial their customer service at 888-751-9000 and ask for your bank routing number.

TD Bank Locations Near Me

You can also visit your nearest TD Bank to get your Routing number. Presently TD Bank has 1150 Branches in Canada alone and 1300 Branches in the USA. If you want to know your nearest TD Bank, you can visit its Official Website and at the bottom, you can find Accessibility option. In that, you can find an option of “Find a Branch or ATM near you” that will drive you to the nearest Banks to know TD Bank Routing Number.

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