How To Find Regions Bank Routing Number

Regions Bank Routing Number: Today we are going to Discuss about Regions Bank and its Routing Number.


Regions Bank is one & only financial institution to be in the Fortune 500 list that hailed from Alabama. Regions Bank is a merger of 3 Powerful entities; First National Bank of Huntsville with a rich history from 1852, First National Bank of Montgomery opened in 1871. In 1971, all the 3 Alabama based banks merged to become the largest Banking Entity Regions Bank.

What is Routing Number?

American Bankers Association came up with the system of Routing number in 1911 which became the core of banking today. So Routing Numbers are also called as ABA numbers.

Regions Bank Routing Number

Routing numbers also called as RTN numbers, it is a 9-digit number used for tracking your details. Regions Bank Ga has a different RTN number from Regions Bank Florida because of operational uses. If you open your account in Regions Bank Florida, then your routing number would be 063104668. For knowing your regions routing number I suggest to visit “Official Website”

RegionRouting Number
Alabama 062000019
Louisiana 065403626
Missouri 081001387
North Carolina
South Carolina
Arkansas 082000109
Georgia 061101375
Kentucky 083901744
Mississippi 065305436
Tennessee 064000017
Virginia 051009296

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How To Find Regions Bank routing number on Check


The best way to find Regions banks routing number is to find your check book. On the bottom left aside, a 9 digit number will be present beside your account number. That’s your branch routing number.

How To Find Regions Bank Near Me

Another way to look for your routing number is to visit your nearby Regions Bank and ask them directly. There are more than 1500 branches operating in 16 states and to visit your nearby Regions bank you can find this Official Website. You can also call their customer service number at 1-800-734-4667 for knowing your routing number.

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