PNC Bank Routing Number 2019

Today we are going to discuss about PNC Bank Routing Number. It is a number that is used to make Online Transactions and also required for Savings Account.


What is PNC Bank?

PNC Financial Services group also known as PNC Bank is a Pittsburgh based financial company. Just to give you deeper insights about PNC, it owns 22% of Blackrock company and acquired Royal Bank of Canada for $ 3.5 Billion in 2012 and National City Corporation for $5.2 Billion in 2008. Presently PNC Bank net-worth is $3.8 Trillion. PNC bank is ranked in “World’s most admired companies by Fortune” and “Barron’s 100 most sustainable companies” in 2018.

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What is Routing Number?

American Bankers Association has created the system of routing numbers more than 100 years ago for cheque processing. Even today we can see the 9-digit bank routing numbers printed on the bottom left corners of every check. Later routing numbers gained much importance and expanded its functionalities to Banking wire transfers, automatic deposits and Online Banking.

Generally, Banks should have only 5 Routing numbers, one from the principal bank and other 4 additional routing numbers for different locations. But due to acquisitions, PNC Bank has more than 25 routing numbers in which PNC Bank NJ and PNC Bank Illinois are also part of them.

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PNC Routing Number Florida | 267084199

PNC Routing Number Maryland | 041000124

PNC Routing Number NJ | 31207607

PNC Routing Number Michigan | 31000053

PNC Bank Routing Number List

RegionRouting Number
Greater Washington Area 54000030
New Jersey
Missouri 71921891
Pennsylvania 31300012
Pennsylvania – Northwest
Pennsylvania – Philadelphia
Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh

Ways to find PNC Bank Routing Numbers

There are multiple ways to find routing number of PNC Bank.

pnc bank routing numbers

1. Check your bank cheque, you can find a 9-digit number in the bottom left beside your account number.

2. PNC Bank has more than 2500 branches all over the world, you can walk into any branch between 9 AM to 5 PM on weekdays to get your routing number.

3.  Login into your online banking portal and find your Routing number in statement.

4. Visit Official Website and search for your branch routing number.

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