How To Find Mount American Credit Union Routing Number

Mount America Routing Number: Today we are going to discuss about Macu Routing Number. Routing Numbers are very important thing to have for making Transactions.

mountain america credit union routing number

What is Macu Routing Number?

Macu called as Mount American Credit Union is a Full-service financial institute with 5000+ shared branch locations and 30,000+ ATM’s across the Nation. 

MACU is headquartered in West Jordan Utah and is regulated under the NCUA was established in 1934 and has assets value over $ 8 Billion and 7,80,000 members strength. Mount America routing numbers are used for multiple purposes. One is to use the Direct Deposits of Mount America Credit union.

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Presently MACU Routing number Utah is 324079555. Those days are gone where we undergo the whole process of pick up the paycheck, going to bank, transferring funds from paycheck to our account and wait for days to utilize it, instead the routing number and account number of MACU will be used for direct deposits into your bank accounts and same day transfer will be possible.

macu routing number

In order to find the routing number of MACU the first best way is to visit its Official Website and at the bottom right side, you can find MACU Routing number.

If not you can reach their service center on 1-800-748-4302 and they will let you know its ABB Number. Another way to find its routing number is to visit your nearest branches on weekdays 9 AM to 6 PM or weekends 9 AM to 2 PM.

How To Find TCF Bank Routing Number

TCF Bank Routing Number: TCF Bank is a Minnesota based financial holdings company with assets value of $ 23 Billion and has 321 branches across the world. TCF stands for Twin city federal bank has started its operations in 1923 and received its federal chatter in 1936. It went public in 1986.

Today we are going to discuss how we can find TCF Bank’s routing number. Routing numbers are used for transferring the funds directly into someone’s account. Being a large entity TCF bank has multiple routing numbers associated with each state.

tcf bank routing number

TCF Bank Routing Number

As I mentioned, different states has different routing numbers and here is the list of few routing numbers based on their operational states.

RegionRouting Number
Plymouth 011975221
Minneapolis 071001274
Michigan 272471548

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TCF Bank Arizona has a routing number of 122106183.

TCF Bank Minnesota has 110 branches, also the highest among all carries a routing number of 291070001.

How To Find TCF Bank Routing Number on Cheque

tcf bank routing numbers

One of the easiest ways to find TCF Bank’s routing number is it is on left-hand side bottom corner of your check, it is a 9 digit number beside your 12 digit account number. Another way to find your routing number is to check the nearest TCF Bank. They operate at specific timings from Monday 9 AM to 6 PM and weekends they operate from 9 AM to 1 PM only.

How To Lookup For WoodForest Bank Routing Number

Wood forest Bank is established in 1980 with a greater vision of offering both consumer and small business financial solutions comprising of its own products and services. It is unique because it is privately owned and the largest shareholders are the employees with ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). It is trusted by Fortune 500 companies. Walmart is the largest retail partner using Wood Forest Bank services. Wood forest Bank received the Top statewide best community award recognized by IBAT (International Bankers Association of Texas).


Today we are going to discuss the fastest and cheapest mode of wire transfers for Wood forest bank using the Routing number.

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Routing Transit Number (RTN) system is developed by the American Bankers Association in 1910 for direct transfer of funds. Wood forest Bank has different routing numbers serving different states and purposes.

What is Wood Forest Bank Routing Number?

RegionRouting Number
Texas 044115809
Alabama 314972853
Illinois 081226829
Indiana 081226829
Kentucky 314972853
Louisiana 314972853
Mississippi 314972853
North Carolina 053112592
Pennsylvania 044115809
Virginia 053112592
Maryland 053112592

113008465 is WoodForest Bank routing number for Texas whereas 314972853 is the routing number for Wood Forest Bank in New York. There are no similarities between any routing number because every digit in the number serves a specific purpose. The First 4 Digits are used by Federal Reserve Bank to transfer funds directly and next 4 digits represent the operational state of Wood forest bank.


Wood forest Banks routing numbers are used for multiple purposes such as Direct Deposits, Automatic bill payments, Check processing and wire transfers. For knowing your particular bank routing number I’d suggest you visit Wood forest bank official website or reach their branches between 9:30 to 4:30 on weekdays.

How To Find Ocean First Bank Routing Number

Ocean First Bank is formerly known as Ocean Federal Savings bank has its inception in 1902 in New Jersey. It has Century+ experience working with the vision of providing Home loans, personal banking services, Business banking services. Recently It is ranked 1st in Forbes National survey of Best state banks and credit unions in New Jersey.


Today we are going to discuss the significance of Routing number and how can we find the Ocean first bank routing number.

Routing Number primarily used for quick transfers of payments, securities and treasuries within the bank network. Ocean First Bank transfers the money without any additional charges and the best part of using a routing number system is it serves 47 countries, 70 currencies and over 4 million customers.

The exchange rate is higher in case of routing number transfers and it will charge a low upfront fee.

Ocean First Bank Near Me

RegionRouting Number
New Jersey 231270353

Your Routing number can be identified simply by checking your Bank Cheque. Each nine-digit routing number consists of two different codes and a check digit. The first four digits are the routing code that the Federal Reserve banks use to direct each transfer correctly through their system, and the second 4 digits represent the bank identifier used to notate Ocean First bank associated with the payment. 

The last digit is the check digit which is used to ensure that checks are correctly loaded into the system. Routing numbers display the information of Address, City and State that the bank is operating from.
The Ocean First Bank in California carries a routing number of 066011392 and for other routing numbers I’d recommend going through the official website of Ocean First Bank or visit their nearest branches.

How To Lookup For First Republic Bank Routing Number

First Republic Bank routing number is commonly known as routing transit number. It is a nine-digit code number used to identify the transaction in any financial institution. Bank routing number used in ACH and wire transfers. In some financial institutions and credit unions, have multiple routing numbers. This first republic bank routing number near me serves many different purposes in the financial transaction. It is important to analyze that you are using correct first republic bank California before any type of money transaction.

first republic bank routing number

There are a number of ways to find the bank credit number. The easiest way is to find the routing number in the checkbook. In the bottom of cheque, routing number is also mentioned. Many institutes use different routing number in electronic and paper transactions. Routing numbers are also available in the online banking sites of the bank. In some cases, they ask for a password to login to the site.

routing number first republic bank

First Republic Bank Routing Number – San Francisco, California

RegionRouting Number
321081669San Francisco
121045106San Francisco
026013220San Francisco
122487022San Francisco

If still there is any confusion related to the routing number then you can directly contact your financial institution or the credit union. In the contact page of online banking, you will get many listed numbers, as it is mandatory by the American Bankers Association for any type of monetary transaction and direct deposit.

How To Lookup For The First Citizen Bank Routing Number

First Citizen Bank routing number is a nine-digit number printed at the bottom of the cheque which helps to identify the location where the bank was opened or financial institution in a transaction. It is commonly used for making online payments like automatic loan payments, bill payments or debit a tax payment.

The routing number for First Citizen Bank is required when funds are being transferred directly to or from the bank account. You should know the correct First Citizen Bank routing number California as some banks use multiple routing numbers for different purposes.

How To Find My First Citizen Bank Routing Number?

You can Find Routing Number of First Citizen Bank by personally going to Branch or by looking at bottom of the Check. You can also Find the Branch Locations Near your Area.

What is the First Citizen Bank Routing Number?

036076150 is the Routing Number. You can also find the same by visiting Official site of Citizen Bank.