Where To Find Huntington Routing Number

If you need prompt help regarding Huntington routing number then look no further than us. To transfer money or set-up a direct deposit with Huntington National Bank, you are required to know the bank routing number. You will always have to remember that Huntington bank routing number varies from your Huntington Bank account number.

What you need to know about Huntington Bancshares:


Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio Huntington Bancshares is a bank holding company. This is a Fortune 500 company ranked at 610th and is one of the esteemed banks of the United States. Last year, Huntington reported a strong third quarter in which the net income soared up to 37 percent to $378 million with a revenue of $51 million that grew by 5 percent. Huntington Bancshares today boasts of $106 billion of assets alongside a network of 970 branches.

What is Routing Number?

The inception of routing numbers dates back to more than 100 years ago. It was created by the American Bankers Association for processing cheque. If you analyze your check, you will locate a 9-digit bank routing number printed on the bottom left corner of it. Now you will require routing numbers for allied services like Banking Wire transfers, automatic deposits, and online banking.

There is a unique code assigned to Huntington Bancshares which is called the Huntington Bank Routing Number. Please make sure to find the correct Huntington Routing Number Ohio to initiate direct deposits and perform other financial tasks.

Huntington Bank Routing Number List

Account NumberRouting Number

How can you track down Huntington Routing number through a check?


If you scrutinize a single check, you will find out your Huntington Routing Number in the bottom left corner of the same. The nine-digit routing numbers are easily seen because they are followed by your bank account number.

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Official contact details of Huntington National Bank:

You can call the Huntington Bancshares Customer Services at- (800) 480-2265. They are responsive 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If you want to contact Huntington Bancshares from outside the U.S, then call- +1(616) 355-8828. You will not need a lot of hard work to track down your Huntington Routing Number through Online Banking too. You can easily pinpoint your routing number by navigating to your account details page when you log in to your Online Banking.


Huntington National Bank

Attn: EA1W18

P.O. Box 182387

Columbus, OH 43218

For more accurate queries, you can visit Huntington National Bank Official Website.

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