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If you are looking for Great Southern Bank routing number, then you have landed at the right place. Great Southern Bancorp is the holding company of Great southern bank and its stock name is GSBC.

What is Great Southern Bank ?

GSBC is a Missouri based financial company started in 1923 with just $5000 investments. Now it stands at $4.6 Billion asset value with products and services touching lives of 161 thousand households and operating in 100+ locations. Recently GSBC won the “Award for excellence in Banking” for 2018.

GSBC provide services like VIP banking services, Bank by mail, online banking, wire transfers and others. The root of all such banking activities is the inception of routing numbers.

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Uses of Routing Numbers

It’s a 9-digit number initiated by The American Bankers Association in 1911, initially to track the checks origination from each bank. Then they started upgrading and digitalized the banking system with the help of Routing Number.

Find Routing Number of Great Southern Bank using Check


Great Southern Bank Routing Number

The Great Southern Bank Routing Number TX is 286573322. There are many ways to find great southern bank routing number:  one of the ancient way is checking your bottom left of your check, you will find a 9-digit code beside your account number. If not, you can visit Official Website and top left in the “about section” you can find “Routing number” section.  You can also visit any of the 100 branches on a weekday to find out live.

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