How To Find Capital One Routing Number

Capital One Routing Number: Capital One Financial, the Financial Corporation headquartered in McLean, Virginia caters a wide array of financial products and services to consumers, small businesses and commercial clients. Capital One Financial is a combination of Capital One, N.A and Capital One Bank (USA), N.A. The financial behemoth is operative in Washington, D.C, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Texas Louisiana and Virginia. If you are looking to establish a professional relationship with Capital One Financial, you will require a Capital One routing number to initiate a direct deposit or wire transfer.

What is a Capital One routing number?

Each financial institution, including Capital One is assigned a unique code by Federal Reserve. The number comprises of nine digits and is termed either as a routing number, bank transit number or an ABA routing number. You can do financial transactions using this number that identifies a specific bank because every bank has their distinctive routing numbers. Capital One Financial has its branches spread across several states so it is provided with multiple routing numbers. You will require your different Capital One routing numbers such as Capital One Routing NY, Capital One Routing Number Texas, and Capital One Routing Number Louisiana to transfer funds electronically in different branches.

RegionRouting Number

Why it is important to note different Capital One routing numbers for wire transfers?

It is essential to note that most banks and financial institutions opt for using a different routing number for their wire transfers. For each of its subsidiaries, Capital One has a unique transit number for wiring funds. It is important to find out your Capital One routing number to initiate the transaction.

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How can you find your Capital One ABA number?


One needs to scrutinize his Capital One checks to find out their Capital One routing number. You will locate the routing number in the bottom left corner of the each check followed by your exclusive bank account number. More, you will be able to notice your bank transit number on the deposit slips that often come with your checks.

What is the other option to locate your Capital One Routing Number?

You can, alternatively, call Capital One customer service provider and ask a service representative about your Capital One routing number.

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